Walking in the Rain

Emotionally, intellectually and physically exhausted, I woke at about 1:30 this afternoon. I took my sweet time waking up, eating before I showered, though I was still dizzy once I got out. The heat woke me up but my mind was still in another place. I got dressed as though I was determined to start the day, but decided to take a short nap, rest my head for a minute. A beautiful clap of thunder sounded in the distance and I couldn’t help myself but open the window to feel the warmth of the rain. I’ve missed the peace and purity of a rainy day so; I grabbed my keys and bolted down the stairs. The air was warm and smelt clean, nothing like the city rain of Anaheim. No coat, no hat, no umbrella, no destination, I walked in the rain, breathing in the moist air, soaking up ever raindrop that hit my skin and drenched my clothes. I walked to clear my thoughts, but only succeeded in calming my being. Every drop cleansed my soul as it slowly seeped through my skin – a holy rain – manna. I thought it best not to stay too long, seeing as the trees on campus are all relatively large and would be great conductors, though the slight wind was a welcome warmth on my wet skin. Now I sit writing this, back in my pj’s and a comfy sweater, with gentle music accompanying the percussive dance of the raindrops on the balcony. The rain dies down, but another thunderclap whispers a promise that more rain is on its way. I love a rainy day.

Written on a beautifully rainy Thursday afternoon…


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