Last night I witnessed the microscopic equivalent to the death of a star… As its life grew nearer the end, it grew ever brighter than any of its sisters. Flickering occasionally as it struggled for life, its life-giving energy spilled out of the universe – a soul being liberated from its painfully confining vessel.

Her pulsations; waves of energy; Morse code, pleading for help or sending word of final goodbyes; a galactic death-rattle…

She was dazzling in her final hour, shedding her skin to be the only remaining proof of her existence — a luminescent nebula, cooling after a death, yet warming to a microcosmic boil in preparation of new life… rebirth… the celestial phoenix.

She began her new life within the dust of her past. New-found hope, glimmering and honest, blessed by the gods of old, worshiped in a silent prayer on the night of her first light.

I need to change a light bulb.


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