Karmic Retribution

Sometimes I wonder what I might have done in a past life to deserve some of the messed-up random situations that have come my way lately. Personally, I’m not a follower of this concept of karma-carry-over between lives, but I do believe in universal balance. While most people believe only that doing something wrong will come back to you, I also feel that the universe has a little more in mind that simply giving back what you put out. I believe that a long happy/luck streak must be followed by at least some amount of trial and tribulation, both in order to restore balance to our lives and the universe, as well as to allow us to truly appreciate the good times by remembering that bad things do happen.

The Navajo believe that the universe is naturally a beautiful and balanced place, though is in a constant state of transition by which balance and dis-balance play off of one another in order to further maintain that balance while allowing for life to continue (absolute balance would mean nothing would ever happen, good or bad). They believe that everything bad in life, illness, famine, bad weather, happens because balance has been lost, and by performing the correct ceremonies, they can restore that balance…

I’m wishing right about now that I knew Navajo Sand Painting.

In the midst of all these ups and downs, more downs that ups to be honest, I have re-learned a few things I had forgotten as of late. Meditation and that the only constant is change.

I was joking the other day that the only reason God opens a window when he closes a door is to let out the putrid smell of rotten eggs, but on a more serious note, I believe that everything that happens to us happens for a reason, and will only help us along our journey through life.

It’d been a while since the last time I had set a few minutes aside for yoga or meditation, but lately I’ve been forced to reach a blissful state while being yelled at from both direction… That practice allowed me to sleep better under my changed sleeping conditions in which the noise of neighbors is so great, as late as 4 am and early as 9 am on days I intend on sleeping until noon, that I have quickly learned to tune out the more-than-audible television and go back to sleep thanks to my meditation. It has also allowed me to study clearly and achieve on tests through this turmoil at such a time that my nerves are so shot I could not concentrate on so much as a sitcom nor sit still for the shivers constantly twitching and contorting my body.

Next time you’re feeling stressed, sit somewhere quiet and just breath a minute, listen to your body, and clear your head of all thoughts. Nothing in life is as important as your health.


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