In the Company of Angels

Countless Biblical tales tell of how angels walk among us disguised as a man in need of a helping hand. The people they interact with are either rewarded for their charity or punished for their ill-will.

The Yoruba of Western Africa have a parallel belief that takes a different spin, but still teaches us the same lesson. They believe that every person possesses a life-force, and the strength of that life-force cannot be known by others, especially not upon first meeting. When a child is born, it has its own life-force, and often a part of the life-force of an ancestor or even a god, increasing its potential spiritual strength and influence on the cosmos. In order to protect one’s self, it is imperative that we all show a great deal of kindness and respect towards others.

Around the world, respect and kindness towards strangers is one of the most constantly repeated proverbs.


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