Gender, Sexuality & The Soul

Gods are no more gods than people are people. Each and every THING has a spirit, or at least the residual energies of one, like a fingerprint or tiny bit of DNA; therefore, everything has, to some extent, a spirit. Then the vessel that a soul resides within dies, is unable to hold the soul any longer (such as a rock shattering), or when the soul decides to depart, the soul returns to Gaea, Heaven, Nirvana. There, it is once against a god, a spirit of the afterlife, part of the god. There is no one creator, accept that we are all part of the one, and without any one of us, that “God” would cease to exist, and so would the rest of us.

The soul is pure energy, thus the term “life force” or “life energy.” The universe was once everything so hyper-charged that that it was nothing. All our souls were huddled into a tiny space and, as a group decision, we decided to start a life-science experiment. We started the Big Bang. We put forth our massive combined energy to create matter, mortal life.

Each star is pure energy (figuratively). These are main meeting places, where spirits get together and radiate their life giving and sustaining energies. This energy allows plants, animals, and the tinniest of microorganisms to grow and live and die. When in the state of Nirvana, the soul is everywhere and nowhere at once. The soul can experience everything at once, or concentrate its attention on one tiny thing, like the sensation a leaf feels as a hummingbird feeds from a nearby blossom.

Before our souls were ever born into mortal vessels, we were each firmly bonded in pairs. That one soul we were each with, that is our soul mate. When we were first born was the first time we had ever experienced separation from our soul mates. Life is here so that we may search for our soul mate, that one and only individual that can fill the holes left when we were separated.

When we are in Gaea, we are always with our soul mates, even if one is incarnate while the other is dis-incarnate. The incarnated soul can feel the dis-incarnated soul around them if they allow themselves to feel the energy.

A spirit has no gender. It has no defining qualities of masculinity or femininity, not in its energies nor in its personality. Spirits see no division between different species, for it is a strong pair of soul mates that realizes that one is a snail and the other is a bird. This leads us back too the age old question, “A bird and a fish may be in love, but where would they live?” They live in their hearts and in their souls, for that is the house that love built. When a soul is reborn, it is allowed to choose its approximate future. 50% of life is determined by fate (the lot you choose – see Plato’s “Apocalypse of Er” (it goes by other names as well)), and the other 50% is determined by the choices you make every day.

Life is a gift without a lifetime warrantee; you can’t return it, but you can trash it and get a new one. There is no punishment past the life you are currently living for the things that you have don in this lifetime. Karma only affects you while you are within each individual incarnation. There is no point in punishing the soul for the sins of the body, for the soul does not retain its knowledge obtained in past lives, but is ignorant as the mortal mind it resides within. Once it returns to Gaea, all the knowledge of the cosmos returns to it, for that knowledge was simply locked away, only to be remembered when the time was right. The soul does not get much out of a mortal experience if it can easily recall the details of all similar situations that have ever occurred in the history of life.

Suicide is nothing more than the soul saying it has had enough this time around, and that it is fed up with its current life. I ask you this: why should a soul be paralyzed in any way for wanting to return to the absoluteness of Gaea? The absolute serenity, comfort, pleasure, freedom from pain and suffering, and the absolute love and fulfillment that IS what fuels the universe. One might argue that the pain a suicide causes to those around it should be realized and felt by the individual, but that pain and sorrow is the exact reason why they left. Assisted suicide is when someone helps another person to die because the suffering is so bad that they can’t take it, and they know they will die soon anyway. Isn’t a life but a fleeting moment in the perspective of the soul? Isn’t suicide just a person deciding to leave a world of pain for an eternity of bliss? Aren’t we all dieing from the day we’re born?

Eternity vs infinity
Eternity and infinity are related but are not the same thing; on the contrary, they are complete opposites. Infinity is the expanse of time going outward, forwards and backwards, never finding an end, while eternity is the perception of a massive expanse of time all bundled into a fraction of a single moment. When in the arms of your love, time stands still, and you savor every last drop of pleasure, though while you are actively having a good time, you ignore the passing of time to concentrate your attention on the joys at hand.

While it is important to recognize and rightfully thank the many spirits that influence our lives, the warship of personified Gods and Goddesses is potentially dangerous if they are in the confines of dictatorial organized religious cults. All religions/shared philosophies/etc are cults, because only the beliefs of the individual are free from the possible eventual mind washing of religious officials. Some covens allow all of their members to warship and believe largely varying branches of their own beliefs. Some churches believe that their members must all think, act, pray and warship all the same, for that is the only right way to do it, otherwise you go to Hell.

Let’s take a moment to examine that mass delusion. Most religions believing in Hell define it as a definite place where one’s soul resides for eternity if one is not saved, while a few others believe in dogmatic principles dictating that throughout your life you do well and you sin, if you sin more, then the next time you’re reincarnated (immediately, no time in heaven), you are born in a lower ranking of the reincarnation ladder. The bottom 3 or so layers are fondly referred to as Hell, where you live life as a maggot or such. In the “definite place” groups, Hell is the constant burning, pain, suffering, and reminder of all the things you did wrong. What baffles me is that the gods that give these punishments to their own “children” are supposed to have an unconditional love for everyone, and they themselves are supposed to be perfect, flawless beings. But if that were true, why do they damn their beloved children to such eternal punishments just foe acting on the freewill which He/She/They so kindly bestowed upon them, and now expect them to give it up and selflessly serve a “higher being” that is as corrupt as the church and the clergy themselves.

The sun is a grand concentration of spirits; it emits energy, which is the unending fiber of every soul. The sun gives life, and likewise, the soul gives life. The soul’s breath of energy can be contained in the body for extra energy, or, more easily, concentrated within cleansed stones or other centering items.

Those spirits that are collectively concentrated only have powers within the confines of their physical reaches. In the populate computer game, “Black & White,” a god or goddess only has power within a bubble-shaped area around those areas that believe in and/or warship that particular god. As the belief in a god or a spirit or a virtue spreads, thus does that entity’s power grow. The deity or spirit of place dates back to pre-Christian Europe, when pagan gods of place were stationary, though a few select older gods dated back farther to times when gods were mobile and personal.

This gives good justification as to why collectives are necessary for larger workings (i.e. prayer group heals a cancer patient, but one or two people alone don’t quite fester enough spiritual energy). This does, however, pose a large and blatantly obvious problem to the olde religions, and all those beli efs that are practiced in solitude or in very select covens. The driving force of a religion with more followers has greater spiritual power than does a private, personalized one. As people are awed by the miracles of the Christian God, some pagans see less power in their own craft and turn from it. This is a curse of religious tolerance, diversity, and self-awareness. Only by being strong in one’s own convictions of spirituality, and seeking communion with others that share similar beliefs, may the purity of the religion of self, the olde ways, live on forever, though forever in the shadows.

When souls were born, they all started off as entities of beauty and happiness. The universe was quiet. The entities thought that it might be fun to build a place, a playground, if you will, to learn and play, to witness the change of time; thus earth and the universe were created from nothing. In the explosion of life sprouting on earth, and likely other planets as well, individual entities chose to separate, and were thus split into 2 or more individual spirits, each carrying the scars of the separation.

When these pairs meet, the unexplained feeling of tingling of finding one’s love and soul mate courses through the soul, then the body. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to find one of them, in other lives, we find them all. You can tell the couple, triad etc is meant to be because each member feels in tune with all the other members.

Since the soul doesn’t have a gender, and can be held within a male or female of any species, a pair of soul mates may not necessarily be held within bodies of opposite sexes. Therefore, homosexuality and bisexuality are as natural and universally acceptable as heterosexuality.


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