Toilet Meditation

Okay, I’m sure you’re laughing and wondering what on Earth I could be talking about when I say “Toilet Meditation.”

It’s a concept I came up with last semester, sitting on the toilet in the dark, simultaneously because the lights in our bathroom are attached to the exhaust fan, which is so loud it makes a diesel engine jealous. I had a headache, was taking 18 credits, and was in the middle of probably the 3rd straight week of 4 or fewer hours of sleep, including on the weekends, because a few of my projects were so massive, and there was a great deal of studying and research to be done for my lit. and history classes.

Those sacred few moment, sitting on the toilet in the dark, were the first time I’d taken any time to truly calm my thoughts in the previous 2 months. Sometimes all you need is a minute or two to get your head on straight, and that was exactly what I needed to not have an emotional breakdown (like the week before).


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