Black & White Poster Campaign

The Gray Area is the place in which individuals begin to realize that their similarities far outweigh their differences.

BFA Senior Project


Black & White Poster Campaign - Gallery Presentation


What began as research for my board game
Divine & Conquer (work in progress) quickly
shifted to a poster campaign, complete with
supporting flyers and subject-specific
promotional gifts. My goal was to focus on the
fact that all religions are far more similar than
they are different, and that we should focus
on these similarities in our daily lives, showing
compassion and love for our fellow man.


Creation, Creed, Prayer, Purpose, and Death.
I chose these five topics as my pillars of
similarity between all religions, all of which are
very emotional, driving issues that people focus
daily energy upon.

While individual teachings may not be exact
reflections of one another, it is similar to looking
into a pool of water with the sun overhead;
while you cannot see the details of your own face,
you can make out basic shapes.

We exist, we have intelligence to notice the
world around us, and so we wonder where we
came from. We look for rules to maintain the
fabric of our society. We wish for things to aid
us and those we care about, and curse when
things go wrong. We wonder why we are here.
And we worry about where we go when we die.
All religions seek to answer these questions in
some form or another, creating comfort
and purpose in the hearts of their followers

Black & White Poster Campaign - Posters

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